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Quentin Blake - Genius!

Dear Planksters,

Thanks again for dropping by!

Did anyone happen to catch the wonderful documentary about Quentin Blake on BBC2? Called ‘Quentin Blake – The Drawing of My Life’,

It had some great interviews with various authors and illustrators that had worked with Mr. Blake, but best of all, was seeing this 89 year old genius, stretching up to create a wonderful frieze with apparent ease, depicting various key moments in his life. May I be both supple and talented by the time I reach his age!!

It struck me, as it will have done countless others, just how simple his drawings appear – they are easy on the eye and are full of unexpected energy. As part of an illustration course exercise, we had to attempt to copy the work of a creative we admire; obviously, Sir Blake was my first option and I chose a picture from his wonderful book, ‘Simpkin’ – one of my favourites!

What amazed me was just how difficult it was even to replicate one of Quentin Blake’s drawings, never mind draw in his style, and to capture the movement that he portrays with seeming effortlessness.

The sign of a great mind is when you are able to make something complicated accessible, Einstein did it and so does Mr. Blake. I remove my imaginary hat to both of them!

‘Quentin Blake – The Drawing of My Life’ is available on the BBC iPlayer – I’ll certainly be watching it again for another shot of inspiration!

With a tip of my imaginary hat to you, dear, Planksters – (and I fancy it should be a top hat...) – Please feel free to comment, share thoughts and generally feel creatively ‘at home’ here!

Thalamus Plank

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