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Nature's Gallery - New exhibition!

Dear Planksters,

I type this with excitement as Nature’s Gallery is officially open and I went for a visit!

The exhibition title? ‘Autumn’ – beautiful autumn. A blaze of red, a splash of bronze, a dash of yellow and a sea of green.

It is sensory immersion from the moment you step foot into the outdoor viewing room – a fantastic show has been put on this year!

Where do I begin?! The first thing that caught my eye was the example of seamless colour blending.

The lawn green melts into butterscotch yellow...

…a light tea green into a soft pink-orange


The patterns are splendid this year and the use of colour is bold.

As I turned the corner into the next wing I was caught off-guard by the glittering array of reds that confronted me.

The colour contrasts that have been used are classic but manifest as modern.

I must also acknowledge the exceptional use of light throughout this exhibition.

The gentle illumination of this piece brings a restful glow to the dusty pinks and the mix of greens.

This abstract work is intricate and playful

and I found my eyes wandering along the contours of the ‘other worldly’ shapes.

Apologies, as my photography skills fail to do these finely polished spheres justice – (photos are allowed!)

In reality, the chestnut brown surface shines like a mirror.

There’s an ‘interactive’ section too, for the more adventurous of you, here you were invited to taste the exhibits!

There was far more to explore than I had the time for, you could spend hours, if not days here! This, for me, was one of the highlights of my visit, a close-up of a delicate creation that combined fine hair-like strings with drops of water into the most breathtaking pattern – it is sheer genius.

I highly recommend a visit – admission is free and, it runs till 21st December when it will be replaced by a new spectacle to be called ‘Winter’!

So, plenty of time, Planksters!!

With a wince on my face and a small, sharp pebble causing havoc in my boot, I remain, sincerely, albeit with a hobble,

Thalamus Plank

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