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Studio Tour!

Dear Planksters,

How are you faring? Well, I trust!

Where does the creativity happen for you?

Are you someone who is able to sketch on a bus or in a waiting room? Or do you compose poetry or draft your novel in a café?

Last week I was more than excited to see that Miranda Keeling (check out her amazing Twitter account @MirandaKeeling) now has a book out containing her wonderful observations that she jots down in her notebook whilst out and about, on trains, in cafes and on the street. Her book, ‘The Year I stopped to Notice’ is beautifully illustrated by Luci Power ( and is a real joy injection!

Children’s book Illustrator, Allen Fatimaharan ( does some brilliant character sketches whist travelling and in cafes.

The much loved Shirley Hughes, (no introduction needed!) says that she doesn’t take a camera out with her – only her sketch book! For Roald Dahl, the drab but comfortable shed at the bottom of his garden was where the magic took place.

My studio tour… Here!

Truthfully, I dream of the dedicated sunlit room surrounded by lots of inspiring pictures and knick- knacks, but that’s ‘not yet’ my reality. It’s currently the sofa and folding table (an utter bargain, in my opinion – £20! – the table, not the sofa!).

When out and about, I tend to take lots of photos in order to remind me of moments of inspiration which I then refer to when working on various drawings and stories. I haven’t really tried sketching down ideas, although as a teenager, I did used to lurk in libraries and jumble sales armed with my Dictaphone and would gleefully listen back to the priceless snippets of conversations in the comfort of home with my mum and a cuppa – Happy days!

I’d love to hear about your creative spaces, Planksters, – do feel free to share!! I somehow find it both comforting and inspiring to see how and where others make their art!

With a crooked smile and a warm heart,

Thalamus Plank

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