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Strolling With Artists Of Old!

Dear Planksters,

I hope you are enjoying the balmy/cloudy/bright/dull/wet/dry/cold/hot weather, unique to the British Isles…

Whilst wandering through the local parks, I’m often pleasantly startled to find myself looking at objects and scenes that appear to have been painted by artists of old!

I passed under a tree whose leaves had been dabbed on in a mottled fashion by a brush of Monet. Close up I could see mere splashes of colour and it was only when I took a few paces back that the image of a tree appeared. I call it my ‘Monet Tree’ now whenever I see it.

Only last week, I witnessed a late afternoon sky that can only have been created by Turner! The light and the colours were stunning – illuminated – straight off his canvas! A bit like this painting, but think ‘field’ and not ‘ship’!

The edge of the forest walk in the park is lined with leaves that have been painted on by Vincent Van Gogh… the irises aren’t there, but those long, well-defined leaves, coloured by the paints from Vincent’s palette, gaze up at me and I’m momentarily transported to the garden of the asylum that he stayed at in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

Of course, on every park walk, I see Lowry’s characters! Lots of his dogs and plenty of his people ... (More so from a distance and with my eyes slightly squinted!) This is a regular scene!

The more artists I learn about, the more I look for their interpretation in my surroundings. When looking at a building I wonder what shapes Picasso would have seen, and whilst staring out on the park lake, I speculate which colours Henri Matisse would have selected for his rendition.

It’s a fun and enlightening thought experiment to ponder whilst out and about! So, thinking caps on, Planksters, and I look forward to hearing your insights!!

With a long draw on my tobacco-free pipe and a slow oscillation of my blue silken handkerchief,

Thalamus Plank

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