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Staying Sane on Social Media!

Dear Planksters,

Social media is wonderful for so many reasons, for authors and illustrators the likes of Twitter and Instagram can be great ways of connecting with other creatives, discussing ideas, seeing what’s current, being inspired and, of course, it is a great platform for sharing our own work.

However, not only are we living in crazy times where we see the world around us in upheaval and untold anguish, but we also have our own personal ups and downs in life to deal with.

This week’s blog is a reminder to all of us to make time to stay sane.

Planksters, it’s OK to take time away from social media, it’s OK to take a week/month or two off from posting art, it’s OK to mute people when their content triggers us, it’s OK to not ‘like’ posts that we actually don’t like…

I appreciate that a certain amount of social media is about how we present ourselves and part of that might be making sure to like the right pictures and follow the ‘in’ people, but when we find ourselves shouting/tutting/rolling our eyes at various posts before hitting ‘like’ and typing ‘Lol – love it!’ it’s time to take that sanity check.

We all know that social media can be addictive and time- consuming, which is why I fully respect those people who post ‘Taking a break for a few days – see you later’ as well as those who just quietly disappear for a while.

Do what works for you, Planksters but never feel guilty about setting your boundaries – incidentally, feel free not to like or comment on this post as you see fit!!!

With an affirming virtual fist bump for every boundary set,

Thalamus Plank

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