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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I was wondering how to start this blog, in the same way as you might wonder how to start a diary. Do you go with the classic, 'Dear Diary' or merely launch into the entry of the day? For me, it was how to address the readers of this blog, 'Dear Readers' or again, just launch into said blog?

Instead, I've decided to collectively name all readers of this blog, 'Planksters'. (The credit of which goes to Lee Bebbington (Twitter account @leemarart) who had previously selected the name, Plankster, for me) however, I feel that it works for this blog too.

When referring to you as a 'Plankster', I'm not assuming that you're a fan, (maybe they will choose to be identified as a 'Super Plankster' and non-fans as the 'Anti-Planksters'!) it's just a user friendly name for all who pass by this website, in as much as folk that go to libraries are 'borrowers' and those in shops are 'customers'.

So, welcome, Planksters (both the 'Super' and 'Anti' alike!) Please feel 'at home' here and comment, like or ignore as you see fit. I'm happy to answer questions no matter how random and retain the right to ramble at leisure.

Sincerely, with a slight inclined nod of the head,

Thalamus Plank

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